The mining industry has become a focal point for innovation aimed at reducing environmental impact. alta’s research and development team have designed a rigid mining truck modification that can immediately reduce fuel consumption by 8% or more.

This module uses energy regeneration technology, converting the trucks to a hybrid power system. This article outlines the results of our first operational trial of the module, affirming the technical feasibility of this product.

What is Regenerative Braking?

Regenerative Braking has emerged as a key decarbonisation solution for companies across mining, transport and logistics. This is because regenerative braking demonstrates several key advantages compared to other abatement opportunities.

Technological Maturity

Regenerative braking has reached the implementation stage immediately

Economic Feasibility

A regenerative braking modification requires significantly less capital expenditure to unlock emission abatement

Operation integration

Regenerative braking unlocks fuel savings without influencing the operations of business

Truck Sqaure


Heavy Load Uphill Time

11 Mins

Empty Load Downhill Time

6 Mins

Total Trip Time Including Loading & Unloading

28 Mins

One Way Trip Distance


Max Slope Gradient



Results were taken over a 2 month testing period. The coal truck was limited to hauling only coal, and was required to maintain all operational ability, including autonomous driving systems. The module was also limited to 22kWh for testing purposes- which will result in total fuel savings being a conservative indicator of the module’s complete capabilities.

Regenerative Braking has emerged as a key decarbonisation solution for companies across mining transport and logistics This is because Regenerative Braking demonstrates several key advantages co 3