Our people are at the core of our innovations

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alta Cultural Statement

At alta technology, innovation is at the core of our dreams.

Pioneering in advanced decarbonisation technologies, shaping the future of energy, and empowering a sustainable world fuel our inspiration. We dream of a future illuminated by cleaner energy. A future that champions our people, our global community, and our planet. We envision a team that embodies support, inclusivity, and collaboration—a team rich in diversity, skills, and perspectives. A team eager to learn, evolve, and embrace challenges. Dedicated to driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions. United in our pursuit to develop more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous paths forward. Our passionate visionaries have shown that with determination, any challenge transforms into a stepping stone towards a brighter tomorrow. Let's embrace this journey together.

Here's to being empowered by alta in enabling the future cycle of energy!

Always Be Better
Owning It
Creative Ingenuity
Problem Solvers
Keeping It Simple
Being Daring

Our Capabilities

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Members of our group

Zhongke Huashi Electronics

A joint venture with the Chinese Academy of Science, Zhongke Huashi Electronics specialises in non-rail heavy machinery, including applications in mining, construction, etc.

Luneng Huashi Electronics

Luneng Huashi Electronics specialises in battery technology, completing projects in several continents

Guangdong Nanao Transportation Equipment Co.

Originally part of China’s Railway Manufacturer CRRC, Guangdong Nanao Transportation Equipment Co. manufactures metal components for tram systems in China

Our Core Partners