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Our Markets


The locomotive industry is pivotal in providing efficient and large-scale transportation solutions, driving both freight and passenger transit across extensive rail networks.

Mining Trucks

The mining truck industry plays a critical role in facilitating the extraction and transportation of valuable raw materials essential for various sectors.


Forklifts are integral to logistics and warehousing operations, ensuring streamlined handling and precise manoeuvring of goods within and between facilities.


The crane industry is central to construction, operation of ports and infrastructure development, enabling the elevation and precise placement of materials and components.


Tractors are a cornerstone of the agricultural industry, enhancing productivity by mechanizing a range of cultivation and land management tasks.

Off-grid Storage

Off-grid storage solutions provide reliable energy access in remote areas, ensuring consistent power supply and facilitating uninterrupted operations.

Power Solutions

The power solutions industry encompasses a diverse range of energy generation and storage technologies, ensuring consistent and reliable power supply across sectors.


The excavator industry is essential to construction and mining operations, providing efficient earth-moving and excavation capabilities for a variety of projects.

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